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Today I wrote a little tool to keep the various language resource files of VS7 projects synchronized: you know usually you have to add a new resource string to all the language files as you need a new one. But I think I'm not the only one: I'm lazy to maintain them all the time I need a new entry :-( Especially if you have more than a hand full of language specific .resx files. So here it is:


From the readme:

A small console application to keep VS7 .resx files in sync. with the main resource.

It expect the path and filename to the main text resource file (.resx, no language LCID) as a command line parameter, so you can simply drag/drop the main resource file to the executable file, e.g.:

 DiffPatchResources.exe "C:\MyProjects\MyApp\Resources\mainText.resx"

It will iterate the "/root/data" entries in the main file (e.g. main.resx) and
patch each dependent language file (mainText.[LCID].resx) to contain any missing entry. Further, if the source data contains a comment element and the content of that starts with "CHANGED" text, it will replace the yet existing target entry with the changed entry of the source.

It writes a .bak file on each modified resource and reports success/failures and some statistics to the console.

========= ATTENTION! =============

Currently it does NOT work on .resx files related to Forms! You should not try to get it run on such files! I will not guarantee for any success and will not be responsible for any damage resulting of the any usage of this tool!

For any improvements or comments leave a comment here, please. Have fun!

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