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Time to say: I'm sorry

You will ask: why?

I mean all the People who wrote and sent an E-Mail to my old js/hidden E-Mail address at about page: contact[at]rendelmann...! I just realized today this address was not monitored by any of my POP E-Mail Clients. So the mails stay there at the Providers storage and I never get any notice about - I'm so sorry!

Now I did not like to answer each sender directly (mails aged from 8 to 9 years), instead I write this post and say thanks and so sorry for their (unanswered) questions (David Johnston, Didier Barbas, R. Rohrmoser, Andrew Connell, Ben Hollis, Zeljko Svedic (GemBox Software), Zemp Dominik, UPAMUELLERS, Duncan Garratt), feature requests for RSS Bandit (Nicolas ANTOINE), or problem reports (Arthur Salomon, Christine Rice (Volt), Daniel McPherson, zess/zessy) and other related notes (Alp Uckan, Prof. Dr. Schuetz - TU Chemnitz)!

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