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wfw:comment API and moderated comments

Today I posted a comment to a blog that have a wfw:comment enabled feed. Just wondering why the post does not display in my favorite news reader, I visited the site directly and does the post again with the following return message:


Comments on this blog are currently being moderated. An email has been sent to the owner with the details of your comment.

Click here to return to the original post or article

Did not know, http://weblogs.asp.net supports moderated comments. There are some ideas about a comment preview discussed here, but how about moderation? Shouldn't the comment API return an info about like that of the web comment? Worst case: the user post again, and again, and again... just wondering why the post does not show up in the aggregator producing a lot filtering work to the blog author.

Any ideas how it could be reflected into the comment API?

PS: hopefully the wfw:comment was also e-mailed...

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