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WebDAV for free at gmx.net

Today I mentioned a post at ApfelWiki (german) and decided to test it with RSS Bandit's Remote Storage feature (used to sync. your feedlist/flagged items/search folders with other machines running RSS Bandit). It just works and also supports https: to keep your password a secret. Here is how to setup if you already a member/user of the free services at GMX:

  1. Open Tools-Options dialog
  2. Select the "Remote Storage" tab
  3. Check the "Use remote storage" checkbox
  4. Select "WebDAV" from the Protocol dropdown
  5. Type https://mediacenter.gmx.net/ within the WebDAV folder url input box (important: it is gmx.net, not gmx.de!)
  6. Provide your user name and password you use to login at gmx: e.g. @gmx.de
  7. Press OK

[thanks to schockwellenreiter.de]

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