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NameValueCollection not CLSCompliant

Today I stumbled over a framework v1.1 issue related to the wellknown System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection. I used it in a public interface as a return parameter and somewhere again as method parameter within a assembly marked with the attribute CLSCompliant(true). The MSDN docs are silent about CLS compliance in that case and I figured out, it is not compliant! Got compile errors like this:

ADSIAuthenticationProvider.cs(31,37): error CS3001: Argument type 'PROCOS.Components.Authentication.Shared.IAuthenticationConfiguration' is not CLS-compliant


ADSIAuthenticationProvider.cs(44,10): error CS3002: Return type of 'PROCOS.Components.Authentication.Services.ADSIAuthenticationProvider.Authenticate(System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection)' is not CLS-compliant

Both are NameValueCollection types. So: is it a bug? I did not found a notice about looking around with google, so I think I have to change my type(s) to a other one that is hopefully CLS compliant.

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