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How to ngen .NET assemblies at installation time

Scanned through some posts about create a .NET installer class that run ngen at install time and searched for an easier way to implement this with InstallShield today did not really succeed. InstallShield lists this action as a "ISJITCompileActionAtInstall" and "ISJITCompileActionAtUnInstall", but no words about how to add these custom "built-in" actions. A search within InstallShield help for "ngen" has only one result topic: the InstallShield custom action reference. That's it. Click to "Custom Actions" add context menu and select the wizard lists only a few built-in custom actions, but not the above listed. After some more research by navigation in the IS UI I found it!

It is so simple the people at Flexera did not mentioned this ngen process in the components properties help. So for all that stumbled over the same issue, here it is:

Yes, it is really simple - if you know about this...

Edited 11/12/2013: You should NOT use this component property, it generates a invalid call to ngen.exe (multiple "EXEs" as command line parameter), does not include the "install" option command! This is true at least until including "InstallShield 2012 Spring" edition that I used for tests.

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