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How to integate and far eastern briefly before Easter

Read Chris Heathcote's [anti-mega: RSS. Sucks.]. Agree to some points, no to others. At first: there is no software out in the world that really ALL users agree to and happy to use it. The better ones have a better implementation of the compromises and the problem is more general than related to RSS Aggregators only. Depends on what you expect to be solved by the SW: all what you want within one program, than it should be implemented by the OS, or - some tools that solve special problems or address different tasks to be done. The problem of each tool: it should integrate with all the others to get the result you want. A solution that just works out of the box is there for more than 20 years: UNIX and all the command line tools. They all work together by pipes and programmed by the shell. But: who really loves the command line? Other solutions still exists for GUI OS's: OpenStep (and may be MacOS X, but no hands on) and the Services concept: each program can offer services (specific tasks to be done), so a digital translator listen for marked words within a textbox and offer a translation service. The services interfaces are well documented and served by the underlaying framework, so it was easy to implement such integration. I think such more general (and easy to applied) approaches should be there on Windows and .NET than each tool implement a special plug-in interface of one other tool.

Far eastern: just tried [awasu] for about 5 minutes, the approach they use there is bit different than Bandit: the feed items are just bookmarks to the original blog page, categories not working but one the way. One feature that is jet also on my list: the summery view, and another one new to me: navigate to a feed item (configured for that feature) by the tray icon context menu. That's really nice. Think about to implement a variant with display new unread items. They have a nice website I recommend to view.

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  • Byron avatar

    The "Help-Report A Bug" seems to be reserved for special members. So I'll report one here. When 'Restoring' the window is place behind other windows rather than on top.

    Byron — April 16, 2003 5:41
  • torsten avatar

    Yes, RSS Bandit is a community project at http://www.GotDotNet.com and use an open workspace there. To look around there (and also report bugs or post to the message board) you simply have to sign up there like for any other forum.
    Your problem: have heard also from other users, but cannot repro, works ok on my w2k sp3. How do you 'restore'? From a minimized to task list app, from the magenta popup window shown for new feeds arrived or from the tray icon?

    torsten — April 16, 2003 8:03
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