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GUI without SendMessage()

If you are an experienced windows programmer using VB5 or 6 the last years, C++ of course (don't know about Delphi) you should be familiar with the Win32 SendMessage() call. Ever thought you don't need them anymore with .NET? Then you are not alone... ;-)

My first impression around the time .NET was published was: never again I must call Win32 API. That is definitively wrong for any productive code that uses any GUI. Yes, there are nice new features like inheritable forms and controls and much more: but to solve specific user interaction problems you still needs the API calls, especially the Win32 API. So my todays talk goes about a well known control: the listview. (Full Story).

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    Hi sirI like control camera with sendMessage .If you can Direct me i'm Happythanks

    mehdi — Dezember 21, 2005 6:36
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