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What to write about blank? An empty post? Nope. Today I want to ask a simple question: why does Windows starts always Internet Explorer if you provide the pseudo-url about:blank on the command line? At least one user complains about that in Rss Bandit. I used the following line of code to start the configured default browser:



That works fine as long we have a valid url unequal to about:blank. I'd never configured my default browser over Setup Program Access and Defaults, thought it is not needed because the browsers detect that state by itself. And it seems, some of the web browsers does not handle it well: configuring Firefox over it's options only as the default browser seems to be not enough. IE gets called for about:blank. Switching via Setup Program Access and Defaults does it well: Firefox get's called also for about:blank. What is the save way to handle such cases? A user expects if he says open url in default browser to get it opened in the correct browser, also if it is a empty blank page. So I really have to read/deal again with the registry? The hive HKLM\SOFTWARE\Clients\StartMenuInternet seems to play the role to store the settings of dialog Setup Program Access and Defaults. No other way around this?

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