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WebBrowser control hosting and build-in zoom: how to get it work again

You may have noticed the zoom keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+mouse wheel forward/back, CTRL+PLUS SIGN, and CTRL+MINUS SIGN) are not enabled by default when hosting the WebBrowser control if you have installed IE7, while it does without any problem with older IE versions. This was now an issue for a long time in RSS Bandit, that we couldn't fix. Yesterday I did a research again and found this page: MSDN about IZoomEvents. We already implemented the font size change using a menu (see KB 304103) but it offers not the same usability that you have with older IE x and loose if you switch from IEx to IE7 and run RSS Bandit. Now it works again like a charm and for your convenience I repeat the important part you have to apply in your own IE hosting code:

"To enable this behavior, call IWebBrowser2::ExecWB with OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, passing 100 in pvaIn. Once set, the keyboard shortcuts remain available as long as the host navigates to HTML content because the same instance of MSHTML is used. However, if the host navigates to Active documents, such as XML or Portable Document Format (PDF) files, optical zoom is disabled and will need to be enabled again."

What the docs are not mention: you should call this at a time the hosted control is visible and fully initialized, or you will get wired COM exceptions...

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