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In the old days I joined RSS Bandit development to get familar with the huge .NET framework and just provide some public benefit to other geeks using Dare's just published RSS Feed Reader. The major goal of enhancements made was to get a more Windows like UI and make it a better feed reader application.
Now, as we have implemented more flagging features, search folders and the like in the last public beta release it seems we have to move our focus from programming a reader pattern to a manage informations and react pattern. Kent Tegel describes one common use case in response to Dare's TODO list. Enhancements to the UI to make it more configurable are welcome. New feature suggestions are also welcome. But much more it would help, if users would describe usage scenarios, use cases, visions about how they would like to use a tool like RSS Bandit!

So, if you use it or not, please post a short comment or description, how do you (would) work with the tool and what do you want to do with it in the future. Post your visions here, or in response to Dare's TODO list..., come on!

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  • Michael Elsdörfer avatar

    Hi found out about RSS Bandit yesterday - it's awesome. I already thought about purchasing Feed Demon, but RSS Bandit saved my 30$ ;-)To say the truth, there are some things I liked in Feed Demon and which I miss in RSS Bandit, but nevertheless it's a great tool. My feature requests will follow, but first my vision ;-)There are 3 things I do (nearly) every day:+ Reading and answering my mails (Outlook)+ Reading my favorite newsgroups (Thunderbird)+ Reading my favorite RSS Feeds / Blogs (RSS Bandit)As you can see - I need 3 differnt tools for that. So what is my vision? Using ONE single application for ALL that things.The first thing should be to add newsgroup support to RSS Bandit. I read somewhere in Dare's blog that he looks for a freely available library offering NNTP support. I would suggest Indy: www.indyproject.org/.../DotNet.html Originally it was a Delphi VCL Library, but Indy 10 has been ported to .NET (still beta). I have not tried the .NET version until now, but Indy 9 for Delphi was really great stuff.If you are still bored after having added NNTP support, then add mail support to RSS Bandit (until then you should perhaps consider a new name ;-). Now that would be really absolutely cool. I know it's a lot of work, but Indy will support you even with POP3 and SMTP.So far - then there are some suggestions on GUI improvements:+ Add a option to view the "Read more..." - site in the same browser window the feed content is displayed, instead of opening a new tab.+ Feed Demon can display the first words of an item in a feed directly under the headline. Also - it can group the items into "Last Week", "Today", "Yesterday", just like the new Outlook does. I do not thing the Tree Control you are currently using supports this. The only control I know about supporting this is VirtualTreeView by Mike Lischke (http://www.delphi-gems.com/VirtualTreeview/VT.php). It's also initially a Delphi VCL control (thats because I am a delphi guy ;-), but the author works on a .NET port - but I do not know when it will be ready.That's all for tody. I really like your tool. As soon I find the time I will look if can perhaps help you a bit with the development.Michael

    Michael Elsdörfer — Februar 8, 2004 5:53
  • torsten.rendelmann@gmx.net (TorstenR) avatar

    Thanks Michael, good advices. We will have a closer look to the sites you mentioned.

    torsten.rendelmann@gmx.net (TorstenR) — Februar 10, 2004 7:32
  • kpako@yahoo.com (Dare Obasanjo) avatar

    Michael, I downloaded Indy.NET and it turns out to be a 3 MB file that zips to about 0.9MB. That seems like a lot to add to RSS Bandit just for NNTP support. I'll look around to see what else exists.

    kpako@yahoo.com (Dare Obasanjo) — Februar 10, 2004 1:13
  • Sean Brady avatar

    Thats a great question.How do I use RSS Bandit.Well let me start by saying that I am running 2 different computers with 2 different feed readers on them.Mostly to play with the features and see which allows me to better work the way I want to.I am using the most recent released version of RSS Bandit as well as the most recent release of IntraVnews.Obviously, IntraVnews takes advantage of Outlooks built in features and integrates with my e-mail client which is a big plus. (I am using OL 2003 so I get the new sorting and search folder features).I find myself wanting to skim the news I receive.I subscribe to way more items than I want to read in a given day, week or month.I have tried to set both RSS Bandit and intraVnews in ways that allow me to quickly scan the headlines and then view only the most relevant.Both do a fairly good job with a slight nod to intraVnews, or more correctly, Outlook 2003 and search folders.The way I work, I really like to get as much content as possible.I like the fact that RSS Bandit will download the full content automatically for items that are just links, Neowin for example.I am uncertain if I want that available offline or not, but I kinda wish it was cached so I could view it offline.I use a tablet PC and reading feeds on my way to a meeting (between network access points) would be easier if some feeds could cache full content.A comment on the use of intraVnews, and making RSS more like it.A previous reply stated that NNTP and SMTP/POP3 access were good next steps.While I do like the single application of using Outlook 2003 for mail and news feeds, i find that I actually dont spend the time I should looking at my e-mail.There is always more news feeds than mail....so i focus on those first.Again what I like about intraVnews is that it uses Outlook 2003, not that its in the same place as e-mail.I guess I want some segregation between my information.The comments about the ability to show "item groups" like in Outlook 2003 would be most welcomed in RSS bandit however.I am sure I can think of other "ways I work" if I really try.Thats an overview.If I think of anything ewlse I will post it, or you can ask any questions.A simple wish list of items that would make me consider abandoning intraVnews altogether would be:1.Ability to limit searching to a particular category.2.A full screen mode, like Kiosk in a browser.I really like the way Avant Browser has implemented this with their product.Both F11 and F12 work to do full screen and full screen with toolbars.3.If someone can tell me how the layout in the screenshot called Customizable Rendering of Feed Items with XSLT was done I would like that...I cannot figure out how to do it.Sorry its so long...hope its usefulSean

    Sean Brady — Februar 11, 2004 11:59
  • Michael Elsdörfer avatar

    Dare,you're right, 3MB is a lot. I will try to strip out everything except NNTP.

    Michael Elsdörfer — Februar 14, 2004 8:33
  • Michael Elsdörfer avatar

    I removed everything except NNTP Client support - still 2MB, 500KB zipped. It seems to be because of all that Borland RTL stuff. I'm sure the FCL would provide all necessary functionality, but Indy was a Delphi Library at it's beginning and so the port still uses the Delphi RTL.However, if you really are willing to make a communication center out of RSS Bandit (including mail support), I think Indy is a good choice, as SMPT/POP/IMAP is also included. If not, the only free .NET NNTP ressource (except Indy) I found is: www.csharphelp.com/.../archive449.html

    Michael Elsdörfer — Februar 14, 2004 2:16
  • Adam avatar

    I wish that RSS Bandit didn't have annoying default feeds.

    Adam — Februar 23, 2004 7:37
  • TorstenR avatar

    Adam: where is the constructive critizism? Suggest better feeds...

    TorstenR — Februar 24, 2004 7:19
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