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Update: RSS Bandit

Yes, I'm late: the new release is out! Seems, it does only need the half of memory compared to build 16 and is faster in requesting feed updates. That are good news. "Currently RSSBandit always uses IE to read the actual news pages (when hitting the 'Read on...' link)" [bug report on Bandit GDN by jelovirt]. Yes, all links on the third pane work like a to the link! The idea behind this behavior was to provide the reader with a better window size to read the requested page, not that small detail window below the listview of items. "I'd also like to see a preference option to control whether the news pages should be opened inside RSSBandit (using IE), or whether the default browser should be used and the pages are opened into their own windows." Other people like that too. I would suggest to restrict this behavior to only these links that requires a new window (remember target="_blank" attribute). The default would be to open them in a new Tab (my favourite), that does not waste up the desktop with too much browser windows. Think it is enough to get all the ads windows ;-)

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