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There are some postings here and there that indicates: the advertising companies (e.g. feedburner.com) now have also an eye to RSS feeds. There are some serious people who like to measure the requests of each single feed post and/or produce some income to lower their hosting costs. Others don't like to see such ads in their subscriptions. So I experimented today a bit to provide a channel processing infrastructure enabling assemblies to plug into the processing chain of RSS Bandit. Now it works all together and my first plug-in is...

You are right: an ads blocker:

RSS Bandit Ads-Blocking via NewsChannelServices

It is still a simple example but easy to extend with a blacklist loaded from a file or other things. The major improvement is the new channel plug-in infrastructure. Some things I have to discuss with Dare and Phil but if we get an agreement, it will maybe included in the next release of RSS Bandit (Wolverine). So what can you do with it? Examples:

  • Saves feed content in a MySQL database as it arrives
  • Monitors one or more URL's and notifies you when the web page(s) have changed
  • Content manipulation like the ads blocker above
  • ...

Stay tuned!

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  • Haacked (aka Phil) avatar

    Hey Torsten, in order to support future plugins well, we probably need to create a separate class library for plug-in interfaces.We could call it RssBandit.Interfaces.The main reason to have this is so that plug-in developers don't need to reference the NewsComponent.dll just to create a plug-in.We should mention this to Dare to see what he thinks.

    Haacked (aka Phil) — März 5, 2005 12:53
  • TorstenR avatar

    Yes, I know. And is is there (but different name :-) -- ChannelServices (exactly: NewsComponents.ChannelServices1.0.dll), strong named, etc. pp.

    TorstenR — März 5, 2005 8:40
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