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First: there is a refreshed download version of the Bandit Beta 2 available. The Beta 1 download archive is also updated to Beta 2 to keep some external links valid. Warning: they all will be gone as soon the public release is out [here]. Fixed an important bug that pops up a exception box every 5 minutes because of an ConnectFailure. So for now it should really have [beta] state. [marcos], [codemonkey_uk]: yes it [rocks] ;-) thanks. Your suggestions are welcome and considered in one of the next public releases. All these small issues really takes (design-)time and as long Bandit is a leisure time job and with our deadline for the current final version we focus currently on fixing important bugs. [Microsoft UI's -- Why is it?] Good question. My experiences on windows programming (COM) with the most popular RAD tool in the last years: the same story goes on with .NET -- purchase the third party GUI components you like to use. For our example public project we didn't have an option to do so, therefore we use other public components like MagicLibrary.

[A Proud American] that is proud to use mozilla: yes, same thoughts. Just replace the feeds tree with a favorites tree, hide the feed detail tab and "tadaa": the tabbed IE with an option to open separate windows is reality.

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