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Bandit and Feedster

Bandit users know about the feature to search content on feeds via feedster. They may also know, that the search result can be returned as a RSS feed (see search engine configuration and use a additional url query parameter type=rss). A few weeks ago as I added support for this I used a different search url that includes also a parameter limit=10. But bad enough: it does not had any effect to the returned resultset and I think, it is also true for the current searches. Then surfing the feedster pages and looking around I learned: I had to visit the feedster preferences page and modify the item named "For any search, retrieve this many results per page (limited to 100)" to a higher value than 10 to get more results (no page feature from within Bandit). Don't bother if the value reset to display 10, after you submitted the page, you should get more results now.
But: isn't that a bit difficult? Why does this setting influence my search result in Bandit? AFAIK we did not send any cookie info along the line. Wouldn't it be much better feedster listen to the limit parameter for RSS typed searches? The Web Preferences are good for Web Users, but should not influence the behavior of aggregators.

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