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Now I'm a WOT Notary

As you also can imagine by the new batch left side down this page: I'm now a WOT notary! So what does WOT mean? Here is a short cite:

"The thawte Web of Trust (WOT) is a Certification system that allows your identity to be validated for use in your Personal Certificate."

By default if you acquire a free e-mail Certificate from thawte, the Certificate is a general one: your name is not included in the Certificate properties nor in the trust chain. By identity validation (task of a WOT notary) you get a fully personalized Certificate including your name!

I like to spread and support e-mail signing/encryption to fight the Spam - so I decided to support (regional) users to get that personal free certificate to keep the e-mail system up and running: just filter for signed mails. I use it now for some years, believe me: if you once have the Cert., it's really easy to use. So if you ever get a mail sent by me but not signed, just move it to your waste basket...

So come on: sign your mails!

Edited Spring 2013: thawte WOT does not exists anymore, so my engagement stopped at all. But you can give startssl.com a chance and get e mail-Certificate for free!


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