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Brinkster issues: continued

Today I had time to visit my free brinkster.com account and have a look what's wrong again with my feeds there - this was the message it ends up:

I investigated further: the last message I received from brinkster was of Oct. 6th, 2004: "Brinkster *MUST READ* System Notice Re: Your web hosting account". Couldn't they not simply sent a warning mail about that f***ing account disabling feature? Badly they do not simply disable an account, they also delete all my files there! I can remember the pain I had to upload them all each file one by one through that f***ing web interface, all my galleries are away, the old private blog posts are somewhere on my home machine also (nice to have at least that)...

I think that I will ever again recommend more brinkster in the future in no way.
Grrrr... and: I did not pressed that f***ing button, no.

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