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Just received: XBox 360

YESSS! Unbelievable: at Friday last week I got a parcel - I'm the winner of a drawing by lots happened at the recent BASTA! So equipped with my experiences with the older XBox I started yesterday to get it work (the XBox 360 Core Set) - and my frustration growed over the time. Plugging all the cable was not an issue as I had help from my child's ;-). But then: turning on - the usual configuration screens are displayed: create a profile, connect to XBox Live etc. - crap, switch over to just gaming!

Me: "Oh, it's loud. OK, Laura - can you provide your favorite game CD? Yes, just put it in - it is as easy as it was with the old one..."
Me (a half minute later waiting that something happened): "Laura, you don't flipped the sides of the CD?"
Laura: "No - the cover is at top."
Me: "Mhm, seems the old Cd's are not working..." (I guessed that before, because the older controller's did not match the new hardware)
Maike, Laura: "Oooah. We cannot play with the dancing pad anymore? And all the cool games we just played...?" - "No multiple players anymore? There is now again just one controller...".
Me: "Yes, sorry. Looks like you are right... BUT: let's start try the other new cool features..."
Maike, Laura: "But we want to start gaming...!"
Me: "... like Video and Audio streaming!"
Maike (the younger): "What's that?"
Me: "Listen: ..." (longer talk here, cut).
Me, meanwhile trying to create a profile we needed: "Crap. Looks like I cannot create a profile without the memory unit. But look: there is a USB slot - let's get a memory stick and put it in - then we can go on successfully." I was totally wrong: it does not accept any USB stick as a memory unit replacement! And the best: there is no memory unit in the core package! I really have to bye a memory unit for around 34€ (64 MB) to successfully start anything on that crappy new console! The same amount of money I need to bye a memory stick of 1GByte!
Laura: "It's boring..."
Me: "OK, wait. I will get my Laptop, plug in the network cable - and then we can start doing all the new cool things..." As the laptop starts up, I navigated to the network configuration dialogs on the XBox - "Look, there is a web address we can look at how to get it work!"
Maike: "Dad, can you read what's there?"
Me: "Yes, it is English. But no problem: I can read it...  Ah, we have to install streaming software... named Zune. We have to download the file." (I just saw the small "international" green on gray link today, where I can switch the language, but not at the time I installed)
Laura: "It's boring, how long it will take?"
Me: "Mhm, around 5MB - two minutes only."
Maike: "How long it will take?"
Me: "Look at this progress bar, if it is at 100 percent, it's done."
Maike: "Oh, such a long time -- and then we can start gaming?"
Me: "No, but we should be able to listen to music and videos that are on my PC!"
Maike: "Why? We can just start them there with the Media Player..."
Me: "For gaming Mom has to bye a game branded for this new XBox."
Laura: "It's boring. Can you call, if we can play something?" (both went up to start playing with their Barbies)

Summery: without a memory unit, without a starting game, without a (wired) Internet connection, without a PC running at least Windows XP or Media Center, without a men /woman able to read English - the core package is just a dead piece of hardware useful for nothing really new - play a CD (we already own a CD player) is the only (untested) feature you can use immediately! I was so excited - now I'm really frustrated. Mostly about that required (and expensive) memory unit! If there is a USB port: why I cannot use the USB memory sticks I already own? Maybe I should really start reading the f****** manual - maybe I can? But it was easier to just bye the unit (and a game) yesterday evening - at least: now we are "in".

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  • billybob avatar

    "But it was easier to just bye the unit (and a game)"learn to spell you moron.

    billybob — November 29, 2006 12:58
  • Joe avatar

    You know what, you are simply too stupid to handle common sense and technology.

    Joe — November 29, 2006 1:05
  • ManThatYouFear avatar

    you sound to me like a casual gamer, this machine is not suited for you buy a snes or megadrivethe 360 is EXTREMELLY easy to set up from scratch and to say you CANT do anything without a memory card ... errm do i really need to point out how daft that is ? how on earth did you expect to save your game data ? or was you planning on MOANING that you had to start the game over AND OVER again?please go give (it was free) it to someone who will love and respect this great console and probally have the brain matter to get past *buy memory card, creat name, email plug in ether net cable WHICH COMES WITH IT*"Me: "For gaming Mom has to bye a game branded for this new XBox.""i LAUGHED MY BOLLOX at that by the way ;)you have the internet by the looks of it, you figured out how to post this dribble and you HAVE a pc/mac with windows/applecack so all your moaning mean nothing....why the hell am i wasting my keyboard on this.

    ManThatYouFear — November 29, 2006 1:26
  • TorstenR avatar

    Looks like U all are "geeks". My point of view as writing the post was more the non-technical (concret: that of my 8 and 10 years old childs). And: compared to the older XBox (that had a hard drive build in!). Sorry for my english, I'm a german native. Is there someone out there that would just exchange his Playstation 3 with the XBox 360? Think, that would be the "right" platform to get my childs happy - more games, more fun, running out of the box (guess)?

    TorstenR — November 29, 2006 1:51
  • ManThatYouFear avatar

    well my friend your even more retarded than i thought, due to the fact the ps3 is the same as the 360 in terms of "complicated" and no one is stupid enough to sell a machine currently selling for $1000 for one doing selling at $300 and if you think that the 360 is built for 9 year olds then you are just in complete out of touch with games overall, most games on the 360 are for 15+ this is not a machine made for 9 year olds.

    ManThatYouFear — November 30, 2006 12:10
  • TorstenR avatar

    ManThatYouFear: yes, then I'm stupid this way - shouldn't it depend on the available games what a console can be used for? So if there would exists more games for childs below 10 for the X360 - I would not complain about. And I'm not a console gamer, I had some games on my PC years ago (there are games for all ages). All Xboxes I have :-) are gifts - I had no idea about the target market as I received them. The only thing I'd like was to prepare it for gaming to be used by my childs. But who knows: if I get a XBox 480x in five years, my childs are old enough to use it with the available games for it (and I assume, I have to throw away again all the games for the older).'In terms of "complicated"' I did not mean gaming (that's easy to setup), but all other "advanced" things like streaming - there it's more a PC feeling (install the right software, but the console still did not recognize it, I have to download and install a "firmware" update - even not possible without the memory unit). That's what I meant - it did not worked out of the box in this area, I had to bye additional hardware to make streaming run.

    TorstenR — November 30, 2006 2:18
  • 数据恢复 avatar


    数据恢复 — Dezember 15, 2006 4:39
  • Steve avatar

    You might want to get a WiiI think you'd enjoy it more.And you are right:Microsoft forces you to buy very expense peripherals for the unit.Memory and harddrives are much more expensive.You can't use your own wireless eternal unit that you buy for under $50, you would have to get their's for $100, etc...They sell the cheaper model, but you have to buy a bunch of crap

    Steve — Januar 21, 2007 11:55
  • 硬盘数据恢复 avatar


    硬盘数据恢复 — Mai 5, 2007 11:51
  • 上海数据恢复 avatar


    上海数据恢复 — Mai 17, 2007 10:02
  • office relocation avatar


    office relocation — Juli 25, 2007 11:45
  • powerleveling avatar

    love you ~

    powerleveling — September 4, 2007 1:49
  • Narconon Vista Bay avatar

    I think the Xbox 360 is a really good "toy" but not as good as the Playstation 3.

    Narconon Vista Bay — September 10, 2007 6:02
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